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"The Song of a Nightingale" The Bidu Sayao Project

About this project

This play delves into the artistic and personal life of Balduína de Oliveira Sayão (1904-1999). This incredible opera singer, known as Bidu to her fans, was known for her vocal beauty and clarity, astute musicianship, gracious disposition and enchanting character interpretation. Bidu was a favorite among many famous conductors and composers including Toscanini and Heitor Villa-Lobos. She made her mark with some of the greatest singers of her time and found her way into the hearts of many. On the quest to find out who this woman really was in her intimate life, I have decided to retrace Bidu's steps from her birth in Rio de Janeiro to her death in Maine. Along the way I will film interviews with people who may have known her and photograph her homes and places where she studied and performed. Unfortunately, many of her personal belongings were lost in a fire when she was in her 80's and an autobiography was never written, but there are people willing to help tell her story.
The end result will be a multimedia performance based on the journey and  how my life intertwines with Bidu's as I discover myself along the way. The premier will be held at the Tarpon Springs Performing Art Center in Florida. For those who can't come to the premier, a DVD will be available which will include the entire behind the scenes footage and interviews.
Help me uncover the past and together we can preserve a part of history which should never be forgotten.
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All of the cities listed below are places where Bidu either sang, lived or studied.
To complete the project, all of these cities must be visited for archival information, interviews, and photos.

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